Web site & most photos by Michael Melbourne

I started this web site to publish photographs I had taken during my time in the Telephone Exchanges in the Mansfield area, to make them available for people to reminisce over ‘good old days’ as we knew it.
Almost immediately, others have supplied some of their photos to be added to the web site.

I joined the GPO / PO / BT in 1965 and finally ‘retired’ in 1993.

New album of pictures as supplied by John Dadacz - see BTsocial tab.

The photo albums start with ‘Late 1960’s’ which are of Warsop, Shirebrook and Pleasley exchanges, in the UAX 13 era.

Next are pictures of the CB10 manual board, taken early one morning (1967’ish).

The ‘Mansfield 1970’ are of the gang that kept the Strowger system going. (in B & W)

Blidworth ATE photos where taken in the late 1970’s when I was looking after it.

The next 3 albums are of Christmas Parties held at Ravenshead in 1976 & 1977, and are to embarrass many of our fellow men !!

Next are photos taken on the STD floor of Mansfield Exchange, including Derek Smith & Dave Chambers.

Photos of the Mansfield Fault Reference Centre (FRC) originally in the Trunk Test room and when we moved up to a separate room, 2 floors above.

Changeover from the Strowger to System X.

Closure of the ‘100’ Assistance Board

International Assistance Board.

Ray’s retirement ?

One can make use of any of my photos, but the copyright still belongs to me or the person providing the pictures.
More albums will be added as people send me photos for the record of life in the Mansfield area.

Contact me, Mick Melbourne, at :-

Me with Jill (we got married in 2015) and her grand daughter (2014)
Jill unfortunately died in December 2021 due to the Big C.

Updated March 2024


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